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darkest before the dawnThe Dark Night of the Soul is a purging of old energies and beliefs. It is particularly painful because we are trying to live in the way we believe we should be doing though that is no longer working. Things just seem to fall apart.

Having gone through it, I found that there was one tool that really helped me at the time.

If embracing a new belief system is the key to moving forward, then we need to know what our current one is.

What I did was write down everything I believed about my life. I didn’t think it out; I just wrote what came to mind and let the words pour from me.

When I read it back, I found it was 90% negative. My reality was fulfilling my expectations of it.

I also realized that over the years, the frustrations and anger at my failures had grown to such a point that I couldn’t be positive anymore. This was part of the purging of the darkness and yes, it was painful.

So I sat down and decided what I wanted for a new reality. One that was positive, full of light and one worth living for.

I started with a proclamation of who I was. This might seem cheesy or vain, but really, what you are doing is addressing the universe or God or whatever your belief happens to be.

You are saying: This is who I am, and this is how it will be from now on.

Then I wrote down all the things I wanted to see in my new reality.

If I felt that life was a bitch and I couldn’t win, I changed it to: I can’t lose, no matter what I do.

If I felt that I would never have success in a relationship, I changed it to: The perfect relationship is coming for me and I am ready.

Basically, words to those effects.

I ended with: This reality is happening now. So be it.

Think carefully about what you write because what you write down is what you are asking to call forth.

Once I had written about a dozen new affirmations, I printed it out, folded the page and carried it around with me.

For the first few weeks, I read it every chance I could. Whether it was at home, on public transport or when it popped into my mind.

I read it out loud to myself. I read it as though I truly believed it. I read it with conviction. I poured all my energy into it. Whether I believed it or not was not important. I knew that if I said it enough, it would manifest. 

After a few weeks, I forgot about doing it and it slipped my mind.

Then a few months went by and I suddenly realized that things were different. I did not know when they changed or how they changed. I just knew that I was living my new reality and the strangest part was that it felt like things had always been that way.

Here are some tips for creating your new reality.

Whatever you do, do it from a place of love, not fear. What you are looking to do is shift your energies to a point where good things are happening to you and it’s a win / win for everyone. This is very hard to do because our natural tendency is to hang onto what we know and what we have.

Also, though I did not have them at the time, Bach Flower Remedies are a tremendous help.

The ones that will really aid you here are:

Sweet Chestnut – This is the remedy for the Dark Night of the Soul. It helps you to let go of what you feel is true and embrace your new belief system.

Willow – One of the things that we experience during this period is feeling like we are a victim and we carry the bitterness of our situation around within us. Willow is the remedy that helps you to shift from that energy. It compliments Sweet Chestnut nicely.

Gorse – When you feel you’ve tried everything, and nothing else is going to work, this is the remedy that will give you hope again. The Dark Night of the Soul is all about feeling that nothing you’ve tried is working and you’re all out of ideas.

Gentian – When you see no hope and no future, the remedy Gentian is brings reassurance and comfort to you. It helps you feel that all will be well in the end.

Walnut – While Sweet Chestnut is the remedy for changes within, Walnut is the remedy for changes without. It is the link breaker and it also helps you to cope with all those changes that are going on without breaking you.

Cerato – If you’re unsure what to create for your new belief system, this will help clarify your intuition. 

Wild Oats – This remedy helps you know what path you should be on. If you are creating a new belief system, then knowing what direction  you need to head in is of great benefit. Wild Oats will certainly help there.

Endless Body Incarnation.